Rest. Rejuvenate. Inspire Creativity

It’s been seven months since I began a new spiritual practice: making note of all of the different kinds of art, nature, and community that inspire me through each month.

It’s a simple practice. I keep an ongoing list in my journal, then take time to reflect on my favorite…

Find sanctuary. Rest. Rejuvenate your creativity in the new year

Standing on the El platform in Chicago in January when it was barely daylight to get to my temp job answering phones for one of the city’s largest advertising firms, I remember the wind ripping through the ankle-length fake fur coat that my Mom had given me from her closet…

A unique legacy of learning

“…It’s amazing that old philanthropist the sun
hasn’t grown fed up with a species hardly able to appreciate its generosity.
Look at how the earth works
overtime not to swerve from its orbit.
And here I am worrying about the pros and cons of early retirement,
about everyone I’ll let down and
all that will be…

The practice offers a way to get centered, stay in the present moment, and (literally) take life one step at a time.

Twenty years ago, I found myself in unfamiliar territory: I was about to relocate to a new city where I had no friends, move in with my fiancée, and start my first full-time job. While I was excited about this season of possibilities, I also felt an undercurrent of anxiety…

Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer

Writer, Educator, Mom. Disability advocate. Dog Lover. Teaching online workshops at the intersection of writing + spiritual growth.

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