A New Year, a New Beginning

Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer
3 min readDec 28, 2022

Dear Friends,

I hope wherever you are during this in-between kind of week before the New Year, you are well.

As 2023 approaches in a few days, I am taking another step towards sharing my passion, connecting with my creativity and healing in body and spirit. I feel excited and vulnerable at once and am reaching out because I value your support.

To celebrate my 50th birthday 18 months ago, I created Feed Your Spirit writing and it’s been a blast leading workshops online and in person, connecting with people from around the world interested in the power of expression.

My writing practice has been a cornerstone of my healing through cancer and navigating other life challenges. Writing as a spiritual practice helps me to continually see the world in new ways, discover deeper aspects of my potential and ignite my imagination.

Now my new channel for sharing is here: Journey with The Seasons substack.

I’ve heard from many folks who don’t have time or space in their lives to participate in a live workshop but would like to experience the Feed Your Spirit writing process and Journey with The Seasons will invite that. I’ll share info below about the format and its benefits for you.

But now for direct ask of you:

  • If you’re interested in being a subscriber, it’s just $5/month (with a yearly discount). You can cancel anytime.
  • I have a category of founding member for $75/year. This amount gives extra support to my work and helps to cover the cost of free subscribers. It comes with my eternal gratitude!
  • You can also subscribe for free. I’m committed to making this space equitable.

Word of mouth is golden in getting this community started. If you have friends, family, colleagues who may be interested, please share the link. You can also give someone a gift subscription to wish them a happy new year!

I’ll be sharing on my social media channels the next few days (like, shares, comments all help a lot)! I will keep this Medium blog to share occassional posts but will mostly focus on Journey With The Seasons.

I am grateful, hopeful, scared, excited and curious entering the new year.

Gabrielle Ariella


NOW…what Journey With The Seasons is about!



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