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  • Emi Miyanishi

    Emi Miyanishi

    Obachan + teacher, ebooks author, contributing writer, translator/ current interests: guitar, manga, Curves, aging, stoicism, ikigai, nature, walking…

  • Marie Mayer

    Marie Mayer

    Writer of short stories both real and imagined.

  • Deb Fisher

    Deb Fisher

    My tree is falling in the forest of experience. Micro landlord. Design fanatic. I like real conversation, real stock - and abstract money.

  • Lauren Stauss

    Lauren Stauss

    Product manager at work and in life. Wisconsin native, Texan transplant. Lover of books and dogs.

  • Robin Martin, Editor

    Robin Martin, Editor

    @SacramentoRobin (former Jersey girl) Editing business copy & fiction is kinda like having a foot on each coast. I make your voice mine RobinMartinEditorial.com

  • Francis T. O'Donovan

    Francis T. O'Donovan

    Planet discoverer, researcher, developer, geek

  • Debra Goldyn

    Debra Goldyn

    I have a lot to say about online marketing, pop culture, and keeping a sense of humor. Join me!

  • JanetMPatterson


    Registered Nurse, Anat Baniel Method student, peace-worker, traveler, writer

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