Winter Stillness & Energy Bursts

Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer
1 min readJan 8, 2023

What’s Under the Surface is Alive

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A taste of this week’s practice:

Hello to you, wherever this January finds you: in a rainy place, a sunny place, a snowy, frozen place. Hello to you, whether the first week of 2023 felt promising or exhausting or some human combination of both. Hello to you whether you’re feeling open or shut down. I’m grateful that you’re here.

In last week’s post, I wrote about the idea of winter as a time to slow down. To resist pushing ourselves to be better by some external standards, to notice, instead, what is giving us energy and vigor, rejuvenating us. And to follow that path.

Recently, I had a moment that shook me into awareness of energy that was dormant inside me:

My dog Odin is a Saluki, a desert dog who was rescued from Qatar where he was abandoned. He first met snow two years ago when he landed in Philadelphia, his new home with us. He was hesitant about the feel of snow on his paws.

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